Discover the Possibilities of Injection Overmolding

There has been a steady increase in patients seeking treatment with the Bioclear® Method, a modern treatment modality that allows for the conservation of tooth structure, possibility of treatment reversal, and ability to maintain all treatment options with direct additive injection molding. Thanks to injection overmolding and the Bioclear® Method, beautiful porcelain-esque outcomes at minimal to no physiologic cost are now a viable alternative to costly indirect solutions. Discover what injection overmolding has to offer in the galleries below.


Diastema Closure

Diastemata, or spacing between teeth, are a common esthetic concern resulting from oral habits, labial frenal attachments, supernumerary teeth, or an arch space discrepancy.


Aesthetic Posterior Fillings

Modern composite-resins provide aesthetic and mechanical properties that can out-perform traditional amalgam fillings when paired with modern cavity preparations and engineering principles.


Black Triangle Closure

Aging, periodontal disease, or well-intended orthodontic treatment are common causes of gingival recession and open gingival embrasures resulting in the esthetic dilemma referred to as “Black Triangle Disease.”


Smile Transformations

Excessive loss of healthy tooth structure is a common concern of many patients seeking minimally invasive, additive comprehensive treatment options. Full mouth makeovers at little to no biologic cost are now possible.


Peg Lateral Overmolding

Undersized maxillary lateral incisors, or “peg laterals,” in conjunction with diastemata in the maxillary arch are anatomical anomalies that present little functional concern but greater aesthetic concerns.


Crown Alternative

Indirect crowns often require the removal of more than 60% natural tooth structure. Crown alternatives are a wonderful option for patients seeking an esthetic or functional change with minimal tooth reduction.